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ACTIVE Network is on a mission to make the world a more active place. With deep expertise in activity and participant management™, ACTIVE powers the world’s activities and connects people with the things they love, want and need to do.

The most effective addition to your refund policy

ACTIVE Refund is the most flexible refundable registration product on the market. No extensive refund request process. If your customer can’t make their event, we’ve got a solution for them.

How it works

How it works

With a familiar presentation on the checkout page, your registrants may select the ACTIVE Refund offer and will be charged proportionally to the cost of the registration, event, race or activity. Prices may vary. With one simplified offer during checkout for your participants, ACTIVE Refund can support a program’s strict no refund policy. 

Ready for an easier refund process or have more questions? 

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At the surface, ACTIVE Refund is a refund option offered to your registrants at checkout.

However, it is so much more. With your business in mind, ACTIVE Refund helps you:

By offering peace of mind from the beginning, there is nothing holding your customers back from signing up immediately after registration opens. 

Secure early registrations

ACTIVE Refund is an optimal solution for your cancellation policy decisions. It provides registrants with the flexibility to cancel should life throw them a curve ball. 

  • Attractive Offering for Registrants: Provide a flexible justification free refund option for your participants without losing earned revenue. 
  • Protect Your Organization with A Strict Refund Policy: Remain helpful and flexible while also building a more stringent refund policy, by pointing to ACTIVE Refund as the only available refund option for your participants. 

How does this benefit me as a race organizer?

How many registrants typically accept the offer?

The acceptance rate depends on a variety of factors, including event cost, time until the event date, and risk associated with the event and training for the event. For example, a triathlon would expect a higher sales rate than a fun run.  

What is ACTIVE Refund?

ACTIVE Refund is an opt-in offer that enables registrants to purchase coverage for the total cost of their registration. If a registrant is unable to attend your event for any reason, they may contact ACTIVE Support to submit a refund request and receive compensation. 

Who handles customer service?

All customer service related to ACTIVE Refund is managed by ACTIVE Support. Our fully trained staff deliver a consistently exceptional and professional service to your customers. Refund requests and other questions are processed entirely by ACTIVE Network. In the event you are contacted by a customer, simply direct them to ACTIVE Support for a quick resolution. 

How does a customer submit a refund request? 

The purchasing customer will receive a confirmation email with a link to submit their refund request. Simply refer customers to this email to begin the refund process. 

When a customer submits a successful refund request,  how is payment delivered? 

Don’t worry about complicated transactions. ACTIVE Refund processes the payment back to the customer’s original form of payment and cancels the registration to your event, allowing you the option to sell that spot. 

When a customer submits a successful refund request, what happens to the spot in my program?

When a refund request has been successfully submitted via refund.active.com, the event registration will be automatically canceled without any action needed from you. The spot is then open to new registrants if desired.

Can a customer cancel their ACTIVE Refund post-purchase?

No, ACTIVE Refund is a final sale purchase and is non-refundable. 

Can a customer purchase ACTIVE Refund after they have completed their transaction? 

No, ACTIVE Refund must be purchased during event registration. Prominent placement and required response ensure that registrants are aware of the offer during their transaction.  

What if my event is cancelled?

ACTIVE Refund is strictly for participants that purchase it. Any requests submitted due to event cancellation, postponement, or transformation to a virtual event are only eligible to receive a refund of the ACTIVE Refund fee paid. The registration fees will not be refunded by ACTIVE Refund. 

Frequently asked questions

Are registrants required to purchase ACTIVE Refund?

Absolutely not. ACTIVE Refund is an optional addition for event participants.

What is the cost to the registrant? 

Cost to registrant is proportional to the cost of the registration, event, race or activity. Prices may vary. 

Where does the offer appear?

The offer text and opt-in are served on the cart page (immediately following the Order Details summary). ACTIVE Refund parameters are available in detail, ensuring customers are fully informed at the time of purchase and via post-purchase confirmation.  

When do I receive my revenue share?

You will be paid within 90 days from the end of each calendar quarter for events that occurred in the prior calendar quarter following the integration of the offer and receipt of revenue share opt-in.

How do I opt-in to revenue share?

Contact your account manager to kick off the addendum process to your existing contract.

How is the revenue share calculated? 

You can receive 15% of net revenue collected from Active Refund product sales less any taxes, payment processing fees, chargebacks, refunds of the Active Refund fee & refunds of registration fees to the customer. Please refer to the addendum for full details.

ACTIVE Refund is offered directly through ACTIVE, meaning you know exactly where to send your customers should they need support. Take stress over consumer inquiries out of the equation, ACTIVE will take care of everything for you. 

Take a hands off approach

The best part is the increase to your bottom line. There is no cost to your organization when offering ACTIVE Refund. In fact, ACTIVE provides the option for your organization to receive a percentage of all ACTIVE Refund sales. Plus, any revenue gained from registrations that are later cancelled are yours to keep. This includes revenue obtained from re-selling a cancelled spot to someone else.  

Effortlessly boost your revenue

There is no action needed on your end. Registrants simply opt in at checkout, then refer to their confirmation email when a refund request needs to be submitted. The process is easy and automated, meaning requests take seconds, not minutes.

Keep it simple