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Adventure Awaits with Virtual Escape Rooms

Transitioning to virtual camp or school couldn't be easier with ACTIVE Network and Brain Chase. Build and deliver exciting online programs using your own branding and content.

Safeguarding your personal information is taken seriously at ACTIVE.  See Your Privacy Rights.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Each program theme contains a series of virtual 'puzzle rooms,' each full of clues to the location of a missing artifact. The first participant to guess the treasure's location wins a prize!

Transitioning is as easy as 1-2-3.

Choose your timing and duration, select your escape room theme, and customize your electives. It really is that easy!

Your Program is Unique

That's why this white-labeled solution uses your branding and content to build a program past participants will find familiar, and new participants will love!

“This program truly challenged and engaged my students in a way that no other program could have done. They were so engaged and so very excited for each challenge they encountered.

2018 Afterschool Program Facilitator